Vedan Value

The Dawn
Corporate Value through Focus and Core Competence
    • For the recent past 60 years, Vedan has been dedicated to research and development in fermentation technology. Determining to achieve perfection and willing to take an innovative approach, Vedan has established itself as the leader in the Taiwanese amino acid industry. As a world-class producer of glutamic acid, Vedan seeks beneficial applications of microorganisms for human beings, setting an example for the biotechnology industry in Asia Pacific.

      Vedan utilizes sophisticated and advanced microbial fermentation technology to manufacture its amino acid/amino acid-based products for the global market. With a motto that promotes global competitiveness in the fermentation industry, Vedan is devoted to researching and developing the best products that meet the need of health-conscious customers who demand top quality.

      Vedan is the owner of accredited ISO-22000 registration and the 7th Annual Outstanding Bio Technology Industry Development Award (group award). As demonstrated in its tightly integrated business management, innovative product research/development, microbiological fermentation applications, cost-effectiveness, and environmental awareness, Vedan has been widely recognized in the industry . We focus on developing core competence when it comes to enhancing competitiveness, and serve as a strong base for future development in biotechnology. and lay the foundation for the development of biotechnology